Special program courses are broadly divided into two categories.
The first is intensive special programs in spring, summer, and winter for children aged 1 to junior high school age.
These intensive programs are very popular and are attended by our International Program students, our International Program graduates, students from international elementary schools, and external students. All students learn and share experiences together. There are also special events such as short homestays close to school with native teachers.
The second is after school English programs that are available for all kindergarten and elementary school students.
Learn English naturally in an environment with our International Program students.

Course Information

We have special intensive courses in spring, summer, and winter.
Spend between 4 hours and 10 hours per day with a native English teacher in an all-English environment to accelerate your learning.
Would you like to try studying in an international school environment?

Summer School (July-August)

1 year old – junior high school


Summer School, which runs for approximately 2 months, is our most popular intensive course. Students can choose which days they wish to attend and come only those days. At Summer School your child will study lessons in an international school environment based on the Summer School theme for that year.
There is pool time every day, and every Friday we hold fun events such as Summer Festival, and Treasure Hunt.

Winter School (end of December)

1 year old – junior high school


Our Winter School intensive course focuses mainly on speaking and speech practice.
Classes are divided according to age and English ability. In the STEPS class (1year old - 3 years old) students learn about the alphabet and phonics, and do craft activities related to winter, and for kindergarten aged children and above, a variety of activities such as reading and writing drills are used to help improve spelling skills. Children’s confidence is improved by learning to give their opinions in English and giving short presentations.

Spring School (end of March)

1 year old – junior high school


At our Spring School current International Program students concentrate on reviewing past lessons while new students learn a lot of fundamental English needed in daily life.
Spring School runs for 5 days and there are lessons designed to meet the needs of students at every level.
Levels 1 – 3 learn basic sentence patterns and vocabulary while higher levels learn key grammar points.
STEPS class students (1year old - 3 years old) learn all about zoo animals while slowly constructing the ‘Trinity STEPS Zoo’ over the 5 days of the program.

After School English Club (ASEC) gives external students the chance to take part in our International Program and learn English between 14:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.
This program was designed based on requests from parents for an after school program in which children can be exposed to an international school environment.
The ASEC schedule includes time for such things as: homework, snack time, reading English picture books, and games and activities in English. You can choose 3 – 5 days per week that fit your child’s schedule. Our staff will meet children from other kindergartens if the kindergarten bus stops near our school.

ASEC Key Features

Kindergarten – 4th grade elementary


Feature 1

Prevent loss of English ability developed up until now.

Graduates of our STEPS and KINDER programs, children returning from living abroad, and children who wish to learn to speak English often have nowhere to go where they can keep their English skills polished in an international environment. This program was developed with these children in mind. It is especially important that graduates take part in the ASEC Program for 3 years after graduating form the International Program.


Feature 2

Children learn to communicate with each other in English.

Children attending Japanese kindergartens and elementary schools interact with our International Program students and learn to speak natural daily English with friends that they don’t usually see at school on a daily basis.


Because the goal of the ASEC program is to help experienced English speakers maintain and improve their English ability, and help new speakers to learn English, the following requirements are put in place.

Program attendance (monthly fee)

3 – 5 times/week

  • 3/week
  • 4/week
  • 5/week

All ASEC students must take part in English classes

You can choose from the patterns below.

  • Pattern A
    2/week English classes
  • Pattern B
    1/week English class and Saturday School 6 lesson pack
  • Pattern C
    Saturday School 9 lesson pack or yearly pack

※There are no refunds or make up classes for missed days.
※Early start (before 14:00) is possible. (Fees apply)

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